07 January 2009

Like I Needed Another Blog

It all started with Yahoo 360. Then, because there were a bunch of tech problems there for a while, a bunch of us went to Multiply. Those were cool and all, but I wanted to specialize a bit; I needed something special just for cataloging the supernatural and so, Airy Fairy was born. Next I wanted an online arts community so I created Sapphic Graphics, which later became the name of my very much on the side graphics work. SG became the place for photography postings since it was kind of an all purpose arty farty type joint. They are all up and running, often ignored, but running! So I decided to create just one more blog - a place just for my own photographic output.

I don't know where this is going yet. It might get as much attention as all my other blog efforts. Or maybe I'll be inspired to post more often since I am constantly shooting everything I see and then messing with it in Photoshop. The official website for my work in collaboration with Pat is still Focused Art Photography, but I am hoping to make this here newborn site my easy to access photography playground. I'm OK playing alone, but I also welcome others, so feel free to join the fun.

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